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'Guests in the fermentation room'

Hi Mark....

I really loved YI's wines and the experience you shared with us. What a treat! We've been talking about how much we enjoyed it ever since we left.

We had such a lovely time celebrating our Gemini birthdays in one of our favorite places on the planet, and it was made extra special because of you, your generosity, and your fantastic wines!

Thanks for sending the receipt and for making time for us in front of your next visitors. Your passion for wine made our time with you most enjoyable.

Thank you for hosting us on Saturday morning for a tasting at Young Inglewood. I really enjoyed the company and the wines. The Petit Verdot I purchased didn't last long! I was really impressed with all the wines, and would love to get on your mailing list for future allocations. Many thanks.

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We cordially invite you to experience for yourself the warm welcome and wonderful wines we offer in our tranquil art filled tasting salon. We look forward to meeting you