Working with, not against nature, we farm our vines organically and regeneratively, by hand and using gentle equipment when needed. Sparse irrigation promotes deep vine roots, allowing the vines to benefit from underground water reserves.

Optimally sited on an alluvial fan that weaves in and out at the base of the Mayacamas, the gravel in our classic terroir aerates the soil and promotes good drainage.

We tend our gently sloping estate vineyards in tune with the natural life cycle of our vines. Cover crops, bat and bird boxes, and the introduction of beneficial insects protect the health of the vines without compromising the soil.


Young InglewoodOur wines embody balance
Non-interventionist winemaking is key to translating our estate’s signature character into wines of elegance and grace.

Using sight, touch, and taste, we wait for the optimal balance of sugar, acid and flavor before hand harvesting our grapes.

Our native indigenous yeasts ferment our wine. They are an integral part of what makes our wines authentically ours.

A short sojourn in stainless steel protects the purity of our Rosé, while extended aging in French oak builds complexity in our other wines.


Committed to upholding our values, our small but mighty team provides the foundation for our vines and wines to thrive.

  • Team Image
    Scott Young and Jacky Young collaborate to produce delicious wines authentic to our estate.
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    Jim Young works to ensure a smoothly operating winery.
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    Michael Swenton takes meticulous care of our wines from field to bottle.
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    Mark Simon takes care of our Friends of Young Inglewood, while Peter Greerty greets and hosts our guests.